Rifleman (Acting Nak) Agam Singh Rai
5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (FF)
Bishenpur, Burma June 1944

This position was now under intense fire from the .37 millimeter gun in the jungle and from “Water Piquet” Naik Agam Sing Rai at once advanced towards the gun, his section without hesitation following their gallant leader. Intense fire reduced the section to three men before half the distance had before half the distance had been covered but they pressed on to their objective. Arriving at close range, naik Agam Singh Rai killed three of the crew and his men killed the other two. The pary then returned to “Mortar Bluff” where the rest of their platoon were forming up for the inal assault on “ Water Piquet” In the subsequent advance heavy machine-gun fire and showers of grenades from an isolated bunker position caused further causalities. Once more, with indomitable courage, Naik Agam Singh Rai, covered by his Bren gunner, advanced alone with a grenade in one hand and his Thompson sub-machine gun in the other. Through devastating fire he reached the enemy position and with his grenade and bursts from his Thompson sub-machine gun killed all four occupants of the bunker……